CPH:DOX offentliggør årets prisvindere 2020

For 17. gang blev vinderne af de seks internationale konkurrencer på dokumentarfilmfestivalen CPH:DOX kåret ved en prisuddeling, der i år fandt sted online.

Festivalens hovedpris, Dox:Award, gik til den danske film ‘Songs of Repression’ (‘Undertrykkelsens sang’), instrueret af Marianne Hougen-Moraga og Estephan Wagner.

Foruden Dox:Award uddelte festivalen priser i konkurrencerne: Nordic:Dox Award, F:act Award, New:Vision Award, Next:Wave og den helt nye Politiken:Danish:Dox Award.

Vindere på CPH:DOX 2020:


  • Vinder: 'Songs of Repression' by Marianne Hougen-Moraga & Estephan Wagner (Danmark)


  • Vinder: 'South' by Morgan Quaintance (England)
  • Special Mention: 'Mother’s Tongue' by Wingyee Wu & Lap-See Lam (Sverige)


  • Vinder: 'We Hold the Line' by Marc Wiese (Tyskland)
  • Special Mention: 'The Social Dilemma' by Jeff Orlowski (USA)


  • Vinder: 'Being Eriko' by Jannik Splidsboel (Danmark)
  • Special Mention: 'Själö - Island of Souls' by Lotta Petronella (Finland)


  • Vinder: 'Mayor' by David Osit (USA)
  • Special Mention: 'Sisters with Transistors' by Lisa Rovner (England)


  • Vinder: 'Songs of Repression' by Marianne Hougen-Moraga & Estephan Wagner (Danmark)


  • Vinder: 'Hana Korea' by Frederik Sølberg (Danmark)


Vinder: Songs of Repression (Marianne Hougen-Moraga & Estephan Wagner, Danmark)


Festivalens internationale hovedpris Dox:Award gik til den danske film ‘Songs of Repression’ (‘Undertrykkelsens sang’) instrueret af Marianne Hougen-Moraga og Estephan Wagner og produceret af Final Cut for Real.

Om baggrunden for valget udtaler juryen:

“The winning film is chosen by an unanimous jury. It offers a variety of complex, interesting and endearing characters and as the story unfolds it brings us magical cinematic moments that are true to the tradition of cinéma vérité when it is great. The film takes us into a universe of great contrast where victims live side by side with the history and descendants of their oppressors. The film is told with a delicate balance not falling for the easy solution of tabloid overtelling but leaves the subtle narrative to do its thorough job and slowly but surely leaving the audience as repressed as the characters themselves. It is through a sensitive and authentic relationship to their characters, that the filmmakers create a space in which the characters reflect, sometimes it seems for the first time, upon the most private and hidden moments of their past. The authenticity of the character’s reflections triggers the viewer’s fantasy in a way that makes him or her envision vividly the life situations and trauma the characters were shaped by. This is documentary film directing at its best. The winner of the CPH:DOX Dox:Award goes to ‘Songs of Repression’.“

Filmen kan opleves på cphdox.dk/online til og med 5. april.

Dox:Award Juryen bestod af Brenda Coughlin fra Sundance Institute (USA), festivaldirektør for DOK Leipzig Christoph Terhechte (Tyskland), den rumænske filmskaber Alexander Nanau og den danske filmskaber Pernille Rose Grønkjær.

13 dokumentarfilm konkurrerede om festivalens internationale hovedpris Dox:Award og en præmie på 5.000 euro.

DOX:AWARD præsenteres i samarbejde med DR.


Vinder: South (Morgan Quaintance, England)


Vinderen af New:Vision Award 2020 blev ‘South’ af den britiske kunstner Morgan Quaintance.

Om filmen udtaler juryen:

“With its at once direct and poetic investigation of social injustice across continents and time, the film has impressed the jury by showing us an artwork that is at once aesthetically rigorous and generously open. With its sensitive approach to the people bearing its stories, the film revisits radical movements while avoiding any moralistic didacticism. The award is given to a film that offers a portrait of "a collective voice as a mechanism for change” and pays testimony to humanity's capacity for creating hope. The New:Vision Award goes to Morgan Quaintance for the film ‘South’.”


Special Mention: Mother’s Tongue (Wingyee Wu & Lap-See Lam, Sverige)


Juryen valgte desuden at give en Special Mention til filmen ‘Mother’s Tongue’ af Wingyee Wu & Lap-See Lam.

Om filmen udtaler juryen:

“This collaborative project explores the subject of migration and displacement through the first person perspectives of three generations of restaurant owners. While breaking through the surface and entering an image space that is at once personally experienced and layered with cultural complexities, the film allows us to look around the back, through the walls - physically and orally investigating what has taken place beneath the veneer. A special mention is given to Wingyee Wu and Lap-See Lam for the film ‘Mother's Tongue’."

New:Vision Juryen bestod af den engelske kunstner og tidligere New:Vision Award-vinder Ben Rivers, kurator Marie Laurberg fra Louisiana, og kunstner og filmskaber Tinne Zenner.

De 16 nominerede korte og lange film i New:Vision-konkurrencen i 2020 præsenterer banebrydende eksperimenter i krydsfeltet mellem dokumentar og kunstnerisk refleksion.


Vinder: We Hold the Line (Marc Wiese, Tyskland)


Vinderen af F:act Award 2020 blev den tyske film ‘We Hold the Line’ om en gruppe filippinske journalisters kamp for demokrati og menneskerettigheder i et land, hvor præsidenten Rodrigo Duterte har udråbt en krig mod narkokriminalitet, som har kostet titusindvis af liv.

Om filmen udtaler juryen:

“The CPH:DOX F.act Award goes to the film depicting dark, troubling events in a skilful yet measured way, smartly focusing on just the right situations while employing a precise cinematic language. One that for all the portrayed hardships still manages to transform into a story about the unbreakable human spirit, providing the kind of narrative, and everyday heroes hell-bent on unearthing the truth, that we all desperately need right now. Making the voices of those fighting for the freedom of speech sound loud and clear, giving us hope for the future.

Filmen kan opleves på cphdox.dk/online indtil 30. april. 


Special Mention: The Social Dilemma (Jeff Orlowski, USA)


Juryen valgte desuden at give en Special Mention til den amerikanske ‘The Social Dilemma’.

Om filmen udtaler juryen:

“The F:act Award jury gives a special mention to a well-researched, creatively executed film that addresses an issue posing a threat to our democracy, our elections and to the health of our children. Surprisingly, the warning comes straight from some of the very people that created the systems we all use every day, making it even more terrifying and thought-provoking. Hats off to the people behind ‘The Social Dilemma’."

F:act Award Juryen bestod af den israelske filmskaber Shosh Shlam, den finske filmkritiker Marta Balaga og den danske filmskaber og journalist Nils Giversen.

10 film var nomineret til F:act Award 2019, der er dedikeret til film i feltet mellem dokumentarisme og dybdegående journalistik.

F:act Award præsenteres i samarbejde med Dansk Journalistforbund og IMS, International Media Support.


Vinder: Being Eriko / Erikos verdener (Jannik Splidsboel, Danmark)


Vinderen af Nordic:Dox Award 2020 blev den danske film ‘Being Eriko’ (‘Erikos verdener’) af Jannik Splidsboel. Filmen er et intimt portræt af den japanske pianist og kunstner Eriko Makimura mens hun kæmper for at frigøre sig fra sin fortid.

Om filmen udtaler juryen:

The award goes to a film which brings an emotional portrayal of a magnetic character with a very personal and sensitive approach. The film opens a number of important themes, from the unrelenting nurture of artistic talent to the challenges of transcending societal norms. We meet a woman who is liberating herself from her past in a bold and approachable way for all of us. The Nordic:Dox Award goes to ‘Being Eriko’ by Jannik Splidsboel.

Filmen kan opleves på cphdox.dk/online indtil 5. april.



Special Mention: Själö - Island of Souls (Lotta Petronella, Finland)


Juryen valgte desuden at give en Special Mention til den finske film ‘Själö - Island of Souls’. 

Om filmen siger juryen:

The Jury has decided to give a Special Mention to a film which is a truly cinematic exploration of a space through the voices of those who inhabited it. This film centers on a place haunted by a history of forcibly committed women in a strong visual language and a wired soundscape. The Special Mention goes to ‘Själö - Island of Souls’ by Lotta Petronella.

Nordic:Dox Juryen bestod af programlægger på Sarajevo Film Festival Elma Tataragić, den marokkanske festivaldirektør for FIDADOC Hicham Falah og den danske filmskaber Sun Hee Engelstoft.

12 film var nomineret til Nordic:Dox Award, der dedikeret til de bedste dokumentarfilm fra de nordiske lande.


Vinder: Mayor (David Osit, USA)


Vinderen af Next:Wave Award blev amerikanske David Osit for filmen ‘Mayor’, der følger Ramallahs borgmester Musa Hadid i sit arbejde og i sin mission for at gøre en ende på besættelsen af sit land.

Om filmen udtaler juryen:

“The Next:Wave selection this year was a coherent and cohesive selection that offered a kaleidoscopic vision of beauty and conflict around the world. We were incredibly impressed with the inventive and layered storytelling brought by each of the filmmakers in this category and the depth of empathy and humanity evident in these works.We would like to award the Next:Wave prize to ‘Mayor’. Set amidst the daily life of the city of Ramallah, Palestine, under Israeli occupation, this film offers a clear-sighted and intimate portrait of an inspiring politician who sets a hopeful example with his commitment to public service. The director David Osit and his team build layers of nuance to the challenges faced by the mayor - both big and small. With its delicate balance between the humour of the banality of office logistics and the resilience of a campaign for international visibility, ‘Mayor’ carves a unique impression and generates the deep sense of isolation that many of us in the rest of world are feeling for the first time.”

Filmen kan opleves på cphdox.dk/online indtil 5. april.


Special Mention: Sisters with Transistors (Lisa Rovner, England)


Juryen valgte desuden at honorere filmen ‘Sisters with Transistors’ med en Special Mention.

Om filmen udtaler juryen:

“The jury would like to award a special mention to ‘Sisters with Transistors’; a vibrant and exciting film that digs out and celebrates a history that has been overlooked by dominant narratives. With such rich archives and testimonies, a galvanising hope and DIY energy, director Lisa Rovner and her team have crafted a work imbued in the spirit of celebration, innovation, imagination and defiance against the odds. Because “technology blows out power structures”, we hope ‘Sisters with Transistors’ will inspire people to create, adapt, evolve and listen carefully – as one of the artists says: How a community of people listens is what creates their culture.”

Filmen kan opleves på cphdox.dk/online indtil 5. april.

Next:Wave Juryen bestod af programlægger på IndieLisboa og Berlinale Panorama Ana David, den engelske kritiker og kurator Sophie Brown, og den danske dokumentarist Kaspar Astrup Schröder.

16 korte og lange film fra yngre kunstnere og filmskabere var nomineret til Next:Wave Award.

Next:Wave Award præsenteres i samarbejde med Normann Copenhagen.


Vinder: Songs of Repression / Undertrykkelsens sang (Marianne Hougen-Moraga & Estephan Wagner (Danmark)


Den helt nye pris Politiken:Danish:Dox Award gik til den danske film ‘Songs of Repression’ (‘Undertrykkelsens sang’), som også vandt festivalens store internationale pris.

Om filmen udtaler juryen bestående af kritikerholdet på Politiken Film&TV:

"Vinderen er en film, der i sin grundfortælling fortæller fra den allerøverste hylde – om den menneskelige tilstand. Og som har opnået en imponerende adgang til sit materiale. Men den buldrer og brager ikke afsted. Den undertrykker ikke sit materiale, sine medvirkende, men følger dem med sagte interviews og subtile billeder – og får derved materialet til at synge. Årets vinder af Politiken:Danish:Dox er: ’Songs of Repression’ af Estephan Wagner og Marianne Hougen-Moraga. ’Songs of Repression’ behandler et stærkt emne om menneskelig ondskab – om bødler og ofre, og hvordan den distinktion ikke altid er klokkeklar. Og de gør det med stor tillid til historien: De undertrykker ikke materialet med konservative skabeloner, men sætter det kunstnerisk fri og fortæller sandheder.”

Filmen kan opleves på cphdox.dk/online til og med 5. april.

Juryen bestod af filmkritikere fra Politiken Film&TV.


Øvrige priser

Tidligere på festivalen er Eurimages Co-Production Development Award for bedste pitch, som gik til danske Frederik Sølberg for 'Hana Korea'.