Munkination: Second Chance

VR Hip-hop Opera

Munkination: Second Chance is an immersive opera experience designed for small audience groups to share a futuristic adventure story about climate change. The project mixes styles and genres, combining live performance with a distinctive graphic world in virtual reality and scored with a hybrid of hip hop and opera resulting in a radically new sound. The project is a crossover collaboration between visual artist and hip-hop producer Alex Minney (HAM the Illustrator) and opera director Isabelle Kettle. Audiences will enter a pop-up installation, flexibly designed to allow for different locations on tour.

Climate change and humankind’s impact on our planet is the predominant challenge facing society today. Munkination: Second Chance will take advantage of new innovations in immersive technology to enable a dialogue amongst artists and audiences about how our society can tackle this pressing issue to take place on a global stage, in a powerful and stimulating way.

Munkination: Second Chance is produced by Audience Labs at the Royal Opera House, which brings together pioneering artists and next generation immersive technologies to create new contemporary opera and ballet experiences for audiences across the world.

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