Ecologies of Memories

Multimedia Art Installation

New research in human memory points to the fact that the rapid technological development and our daily use of digital devices are changing how our memory works. How we process and remember information is largely affected by the constant online stimulation and lack of conscious choice, as to what information to remember. Furthermore, it seems that the more corporate, political and economic forces disappear behind the interfaces of various technologies, the more they shape our reality and sense of history. Living in the digital age and in a climate emergency, is it not essential that we learn and practice alternative methods for what and how to remember, so as to help us navigate towards more sustainable futures?

“Ecologies of Memory” is an interdisciplinary project that uses the creative potential of memory - both human and non-human – to investigate the possible connections and exchanges between ecosystems, cultures of remembrance and sensor-technology. This leads to the creation of dynamic thought-spaces (Denkräume) wherein artworks make way for transformative arrays of consciousness, allowing visitors to become co-creators in remembering new narratives for times of change.

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